Animated music is finding it’s first audience through the MP3 revolution. Many of the Software music players and DJ application programs are bundled with the technology.

What is Musicanimation?

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What is musicanimation?

You will hear color and know the sound of light

Musicanimation is the conversion of music and sound signals into animation parameter control. Such control manipulates a scene, objects in it, and aspects of the moving or still image and can drive special effects. There are many products and methods that facilitate this process. We will publish web links to collect the growing list of applications and resources that make animated music possible. We keep such links in our VJ Tools Sites (Broken link). Visit it regularly to enjoy the latest in this expanding and expressive field.

Animated music is finding its first popular audience through the MP3 revolution. Many of the software MP3 players and DJ application programs are bundled with Plug-Ins that extend the player to produce a wide and growing variety of visual stimuli.

What all share is they tap the music and sound to generate and manipulate their image output. What results is a startlingly direct and apparent visualization of the sound. We classify all applications or tools that produce visualizations of the sound and music as music animation instruments, regardless of means, purpose or intent! The performance of another artist is used produce these images, and that makes them instruments.

Silence is the first firm to offer professional music animation services. Silence brings experience to this revolution. In the hands of musicians of vision, and visually enabled composers, these tools begin to show their true expressive potential. Silence helped give birth to the revolution and continues to be active in music videos, synchronized visual effects, and audio simulation applications. We will continue to be a force in this process and to help composers with their visual expression expectations.

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Examples are available but do require QuickTime 4 or later. We are constantly hearing from visitors that they are unable to view our animations. Our site is not the priority. Get QuickTime and complain to Microsoft that your OS does not come with it. Not us. It's the fastest media format for our work.

The footage can some time to download but can play any portion received. There is a download progress bar in the QuickTime window.

We have also prepared step by step (Broken Link). description of the process we use to produce our work, but we request you contact us for details. These demonstrations require a user ID. We have made no effort to promote our selves or our work. You have come to us by your own searching and because the internet indexes itself. That is always fascinating to us. Let us know how you found us.

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