Contacting Silence

In an emergency, please contact us by voice. NYC Mobile OPS 917.204.9571 Subject to change. Please be prepared to leave a message describing the purpose and urgency of your call, include all relevant information and references as required, and we beg you try to be patient as you may be given a callback or appointment number. We may also assign you a contact email to reach us with as we determine appropriate.

Contact Us
We apologize. Contacting us can be difficult. We are on tour,  mid-rescue or in research.
We'll get back to you as soon as our responsibilities allow and your priorities dictate.

We urge you to avoid using these email addresses for web based greeting cards and to avoid supplying these email addresses to online services asking for your friend's emails without asking us first. We will often assign specific emails for those purposes. Please help us keep spam low.

Soon you will be able to introduce yourself by filling out our questionnaire as a point of first contact (under construction). Returning Contract Clients are invited to use the Support Form (remains under construction). Thank you.

Email with attachments must be sent to the email below unless otherwise instructed:

Email links are MD5 hashes to deter spam. Have you done this to emails on your site? if not send a text only message email to: