Origin of the Silence Logo and Mission

Our logo is based on our mission to eliminate obstacles to artistic expression by being the silence that shields the purity of your vision and expression.

Sound and Silence are two opposites that need one another. Our image of waves contained in cooperative space with Silence attempts to embody this vision.

You will have to decide what we can do for you. We have aided others in the production of art, music, ideas, impressions, perceptions, thoughts, insights, interpretations, and mental pictures with our background in...

Production Design & Art Direction

Digital Visual Effects Production

Stylized Illustration & Animation

Live or Studio Audio and Music Engineering, Mixing, Re-Mixing, Club Editing, DJ'ing

Production System Engineering, Art and Studio Design

Theatrical, Stadium and Arena Staging and Production

Production and Technical Support Services

Personal Technology Consulting

Web Site Design & Art Direction

and the most potent skill in our arsenal, Music Animation

For integrated production, regardless of medium, contact us. We are committed to being a  complement to your vision. Our mission is to assure the integrity of your works. Our skilled professional associates have the most extensive experience in their respective fields. We have been helping professionals in art production since 1982. We are the oldest, new media consulting firm. No other single entity has this length and breadth of experience.

About Us

We do not attemtp to be a typical support operation by any stretch of the imagination.
Part prodution, part imagination, part forensics, we hope you find our style suits yours.